About the project
Flomeyca is a Spanish family business dedicated to the commercialization and equipment of firefighting vehicles.
Services UI/UX design + HTML5 integration + technical SEO.
Client Flomeyca
Improving firefighting & emergencies services.

Flomeyca is committed to improving the operability of firefighting services, both public and private. They market all types of vehicles with or without equipment.
Preventive and corrective maintenance of existing vehicles as well as training for end users of the vehicle are part of its services and skills.

flomeyca - portfolio
A complete digital presence.

The company needed a digital presence and wanted a showcase website to show customers the full range of vehicles they build and condition, as well as the services they offer.
The logo and colors are the only thing they wanted to keep and add value to the site. The result is therefore a simple design site containing all the necessary information for its customers.
A few simple animations just to add dynamism and human warmth in a highly technical field.

flomeyca responsive WEB
flomeyca responsive WEB
flomeyca mobile